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Shop Kährs cleaning, care and floor installing products to lay and maintain all Kahrs hardwood floors. Find touch up repair kits to match your Kahrs wood floor color and a full selection of Kahrs color oils to touch up your Kahrs wood floor. Kahrs brand floor care products are manufacturer recommended directly by Kahrs including Kährs Lacquer Refresher and Kährs Satin Oil. Read the Kahrs maintenance guide to find the right cleaner, refresher, oil or touch up kit to properly maintain your hardwood flooring from Kahrs. Kahrs products can be used at home or in commercial Kährs flooring installations.

Some commercial care requires different procedures to handle heavier floor use so read instructions to know the best way to clean, maintain and clean stains on your Kahrs factory-finished laquered wood or Kahrs oil-finished hardwood flooring.

Kahrsstore sells only top quality Kahrs brand flooring maintenance and installation products along with other types of flooring related supplies to help protect, clean, apply finish, buff and otherwise keep Kahrs lacquered and oiled wood floors looking their best. The Customer Support Team at KahrsStore are experts when it comes to keeping Kahrs flooring clean, touched up and maintained so contact us with your Kahrs flooring maintenance questions via email or telephone.
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