Choosing to buy the right underlayment for use with a new Kährs hardwood is an important step in a successful floor installation. Using Kahrs brand underlayments meets the requirements for Kahrs lifetime installation guarantee. Each set of installation documents provided by Kährs details the right underlayment options based on the type of sub floor, the type of Kahrs floor and the method of installation for your specific floor. Compare underlayments here. A glue down Woodloc floor can be installed over Quiet Stride underlayment. For a floating Wood Loc floor- Eco Plus or Combo underlayment can be used for a quality finished floor.

Each style of flooring underlayment sold by Kährs has unique properties that set it apart:
  • Eco+ Underlayment with Vapor Bloc, also LEED points eligible, is formaldehyde and latex free, can be used in a nailed down wood floor installation and also has excellent sound ratings.
  • Combo System is an underlayment that has noise reduction, moisture protection and antimicrobial properties built into one product so there is no need for a plastic barrier in addition to this underlayer. The overlapping design of Combo has peel and stick strips for easier one step application.
When a Kahrs hardwood floor is being laid over top of a subfloor that contains radiant heat, extra care is required. All Kahrs underlayments - Combo and Eco Plus - can be installed over radiant heated flooring but the right choice for your heated flooring project may depend on other factors including type of Kahrs floor and wood species.

If deciding on underlayment requires more information, contact Kahrs technical support directly or call our experienced Customer Support Staff at KahrsStore.com. NOTE: UNDERLAYMENT cannot be returned and is not refundable.
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