Kahrs Repair Kit for Oiled Floors

Kahrs Repair Kit for Oiled Floors

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Complete set of tools and repair supplies to fix scratches, gouges, dents and scrapes on Kahrs Oil finished wood flooring with step by step how-to directions for making repairs to your wood floor. There is a generous amount of supplies in this repair kit for repeated use fixing small areas of wood flooring that get damaged. In the compact 6 x 9 inch case is a battery powered wax melter tool, 9 hard wax sticks in a range of wood colors for blending, 150 and 240 grit sandpaper, special wood oil with brush applicator, a lacquer sealer pen, a cotton cloth, a multipurpose tool for preparing repair area, smoothing filler wax after application, buffing and polishing and a set of basic instructions.

This convenient set of oil wood floor repair supplies allows you to do repairs yourself for most scrapes and holes that happen on your Kahrs Oiled Finished Wood Floor. Watch Kahrs' video demonstration to better understand how to fix damaging scratches and dings on Kahrs oil finished wood flooring.

Use the range of wax colors in the repair kit to fill scratched out wood and at the same time create depth to replicate the graining and coloration of your specific oil finished wood floor by blending wax colors in each application. When working with wood wax fillers to match a floor's wood tone, you want to use several of the included shade of wood wax filler to replicate the wood variation and grain. Always apply wax colors shades from lightest to darkest color to achieve the best replication of the wood tones in your floor.

To use the lightweight 4.5 volt, 6 watt melting tool, remove the cover, turn on the switch and the sharp flat tip heat instantly. Shave off a very small amounts of wax and allow the wax to flow from the heated tool blade into the damaged floor spot. Mix wax colors as needed to get the closest match to your floor's wood tones. Once you have filled the damaged area of flooring with wax, you can create wood grain appearance with a darker hue of wax on the tip of the melting tool.

Kahrs Oil Repair Kit includes:
  • Storage Case
  • 9 Hard Wax sticks
  • Battery operated Melting Tool (three 1.5V AA batteries included)
  • Multipurpose tool for prep
  • Sanding papers and Polishing Cloths
  • Cotton wipe cloth
  • Clear Silk Matte Lacquer Finish Pen
  • Special Oil Finish
Use safety precautions when working with the heated melting tool and hot wax. Allow the melting tool to completely cool before storing it in the carrying case.
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